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Pillars of Faith


The Benandanti use a wide variety of lethal armament.  Most of it is designed to be versatile enough to be used against a wide variety of supernatural threats.  Not only Vampires, but every variety of monster, demon and fae.
Featured here are a number of the more common items used by the Benandanti.

Neck Guard
Thorn Ammunition

The BIG guns

Colt .45
Colt 45
The standard side arm of the Benandanti is the Colt 45.  The purpose of the Colt .45 is to stop an enemy in it's tracks.  The .45 has such stopping power that a solid brass slug can knock down demons that are impervious to small arms fire even when it fails to achieve penetration.  Vampires can be crippled by a .45 even when normal slugs are used.  Bones and muscle are torn apart by the heavy impact of the high caliber weapon.

Barrett M95
Barrett M95
This .50 caliber sniper rifle is the "Big Game" rifle of choice for Justin.  With it he can drop demons and vampires in one shot.  Given a variety of ammunition the Barrett can still destroy a vampire with a simple lead slug when fired into the base of the neck.  The energy of the shot will rip the head right off, producing instant decapitation with no special ammunition.  With Armor Piercing rounds Justin can drop demons that ancient people deemed invincible and impervious to assault.  Incendiary ammunition and fragmentary ammunition can make short work of most supernatural threats depending on the material of the ammunition and the weaknesses of the monsters.  Silver fragmentary ammunition can tear a werewolf apart.  However using Thorn ammunition with the Barrett is wasteful since a simple .22 caliber hunting rifle with Thorn ammunition can produce the same effect.

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