Pillars of Faith by William Adams  

Pillars of Faith


Real Name: Faye Kareissa Lodge
Birth: April 19, 1981
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 126 lbs.
     Faith is the current Slayer, the Chosen One whose destiny is larger than that of any other mortal. She has spent far too long running away from that destiny but now that Justin has caught up with her she is being introduced to the larger world of the supernatural. Being thrust into the shadow war unprepared is not the Benandanti way, so first she must endure Justin's harsh training methods. Methods which are designed not for a human vampire hunter, but for a superhuman assassin of the supernatural.

Justin 'Just' Stoat - d. 2000

Benandanti team member . Marksman and Scout. Justin survived the betrayal of Zeke and managed to kill the sorcerer before he could complete his bid for power. Almost immediately he was sent to southern China to study under master Po. His studies were cut short however when an ancient vampire decided that converting Justin would be a good experiment. However since Justin has spent most of his life hunting vampires he knows that they are among the weakest supernatural creatures in existence and has no desire to remain one. To this purpose he has enlisted the aid of Faith to retrieve a sacred book that might hold the key to his conversion into a human being.

Justin 'Just' Stoat
Ezekiel 'Zeke' Renstein

Ezekiel 'Zeke' Renstein - d. 1999

Benandanti team member. Fire support and Sorcerer. Zeke was killed by Justin after he killed Bradley and Charley when he decided to betray the Benandanti to acquire the power of a Hell-Lord. Zeke's betrayal allowed Kartayrya, a Vedas Hell-Lord, to escape through the Constantinople Hellmouth.

Bradley 'Brad' Sturges - d. 1999

Benandanti team member. Heavy Weapons and Fire Support. Brad died when Ezekiel betrayed the team for power.

Bradley 'Brad' Sturges
Calvin 'Cutter' Cosgrove

Calvin 'Cutter' Cosgrove - d. 1994

Benandanti team member. Hand to Hand specialist and Infiltrator. Calvin died in Turkey from an accidental misfire of a weapon in the hands of a 9 year old child.

Charles 'Charley' McIntire - d. 1999

Benandanti team member. Pilot and Demolitions expert. Charley died when a missle detonated inside the launcher of the gunship he was piloting, killing him and Bradley. Justin recovered most of Charley's body which was ejected through the cockpit windshield by the blast.

Charles 'Charley' McIntire
Jackson 'Skipper' Collins

Jackson 'Skipper' Collins - d. 1996

Benandanti team member. Underwater Combat and Vehicle expert. Skipper died in an underwater cave-in off the coast of Hawaii while investigating Maku sightings.

Joseph 'Boz' Tanoi - d. 1992

Benandanti team member. Leiutenant, Medical, Hand to Hand and Communications expert. Boz died in Peru during mission to remove vampire influence from rebel forces.

Joseph 'Boz' Tanoi
Raymond 'Hawk' Saheya

Raymond 'Hawk' Saheya - d.1998

Benandanti team member. Shaman and Marksman. Died outside Groom Lake, Nevada while attempting to impress two college girls with his 'magic' powers. He and the two women were burnt to the bone by the conflagration of fire that resulted from his drunken incantations.

Bonnano 'Blake' Canteras

 Blake is a male prostitute and Vampire Hunter who works in the Los Angeles area. Justin met Blake when the Blake was trying to seduce a Vampire to run a stake through it's heart. The Vampire turned out to be very old and much more than Blake could handle. Since then Justin has used Blake to entertain women that, as a Benandanti, he has had to provide security for.

Tenshi Kazumi

Tenshi Kazumi

This character is new to the series.  She has a secret which isn't going to be kept a secret very long since Justin already knows the secret.  Kazumi will be teaching Faith how to fight the right way.  As opposed to Justin's style of fighting which works for him but which isn't good for someone with Faith's speed and strength.

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