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Pillars of Faith

DeadSpace Sign-up page.

DeadSpace:  For strips pertaining to Death and the Undead and related themes of Dying and loss of Life.

    DeadSpace is for comics that have Undead or Death in their stories.  All Dead and Undead are welcome, including but not limited to:  Vampires, Zombies, Animated Skeletons and Ghosts. As well as strips that have stories featuring Death or Dying as a theme.

    As we all know the Undead  are rarely if ever the star of a comic strip.  Like many other minorities they are often relegated to supporting roles or used mainly as comic relief.  In some cases there are type-cast as villains.  But still the Undead persevere and continue to work for little or no pay in a thankless job that often casts them in a negative light.  If you are an employer of the Undead it is you responsibility to give them the recognition they deserve.  Even if the only Undead you employ are lowly spear carriers in a cast where they are easily overlooked in favor of their living counter-parts you owe it to them to promote their unique cultural achievements by joining the DeadSpace dropdown today.


This is the script you should add to your page to get the dropdown to appear.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript" SRC="http://pillarsoffaith.comicgenesis.com/deadspace.js"></SCRIPT>

This is what it looks like:

Send the address and name of your strip here.

All Images are Copyright © 2002 William Adams and cannot be reproduced without permission.
  For the purposes of promoting DeadSpace and it's members the images entitled DeadSpace.gif, Undeadl.gif and Undeadr.gif are released to the public domain for use in any capacity and for any purpose including sale and for use in other works.
 Some Characters are inspired by the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer and their use here does not represent a challenge to any pre-existing copyrights or trademarks.
Warning: This comic may include adult situations and suggestive dialogue not suited for minors.

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