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Pillars of Faith

The Green Avenger

This is the most recent Gift Art I've done.

This is the second most recent Gift Art I've done.
A Praise Glory!

This is an image I did for Altar Girl.
Acid Reflux Strip

I did this one for Acid Reflux. Long dead comic.
AJackie's Fridge AJackie's Fridge I did these for Jakcie's Fridge.

Happy Birthday Joey

This is a birthday card for Joey Hetzel of Tonja Steele.
Zero Tolerance

Guest strip for Tonja Steele.

I really don't know why I put Peg in armor.

This is the elf Alraud from Dungeon Damage.
Altar Girl

This is another one I did for Altar Girl. This one actually came first.

This is a pic I did for Exploitation Now. I thought Bimbo had long hair, but when I went through the archives I found out she never had long hair.
Country Boy can Survive

This one I did for Nip N’ Tuck.

Czarland is a superhero comic.
Element's Song Strip

This is a strip for Element's Song.
Element's Song Strip

This is gift art for Element's Song.

This is a pic I did for the Arkkanys Chibi Theater christmas contest.

Hero for RPG World.

The sort of bad guy from Fuzzy Things.
Bruno the Bandit

This piece nabbed me a lot of referrals.

I don't even remember who's comic I did this for. All I remember is that it came from the Keenspace forums, out of a post on unusual search strings.
No need for Bushido

These guys make a great comic. They changed their address though.
Cup of Suffering Cup of Suffering

This was a great strip while it lasted. But it came to an abrupt end like most web comics.

What can I say? Artist lost interest, web comic died. There's a lot of apathy in web comics.

Wonton Hammer

Another dead comic. See a trend here?

Mac Hall

I'm not sure but I think this one has bitten the dust too.

Literally Speaking

I don't know if this comic is still alive or what.

Dominic Deegan Dominic Deegan Dominic Deegan

Here's the original without resizing.
Walls of Jericho

This pic was made for a contest winner.
What did you say to me?

This pic was also made for a contest winner. He sent me a photo of himself.

This is Largo from Megatokyo.
Mixed Myth

Mixed Myth is dead but she has a new strip called Metrophor.

The strip associated with this pic is very hard to find. It changed names and died soon after. I do remmeber that it was about gods who had to fix things in their world in order to pay their electricity bills.
Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim from Cyantian Chronicles. Yeah, I found out later that the 'roo is actually a guy. So all that sexual tension I imagined turned out to be gay projections of my own fevered imagination.

Pretty good strip. Too bad it died.

I just love the pretty furries.
Yum Pop

This is a strip that Isabella started but then later abandoned infavor of doing Namir Deiter full time.

Ah Zebra Girl! This strip has spent some time on 'indefinite hiatus'. But it's active now so go there.
One Year Anniversary

Commemorating Killroy and Tina's 1 year anniversary.

Happy 50th DD!

A little something I did for Dungeon Damage's 50th strip.


Straight up Gift Art I did for Mindmistress.


This is one I'ld probably rather forget. The comic strip lasted all of three months before the artist lost interest and quit.

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