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So you people must be wondering what it is I do when I'm not doing this comic? Well here it is in living color! The image above is titled "Mother". It's pretty obvious that it's a print of the Virgin which Isell as a 11"x17" glossy or a 12 month Calendar. (Image above, monthsbelow, each taking up about half the page.) "Mother" was done in coloredpencils. (In other words I did that in Crayon!) Click on the image fora wallpaper of the Calendar image.

The image below is titled "Living Angel" I did it in Pastels so it doesn't have the level of detail that I'm accustomed to working with. But you can see that it's an angel holding a baby. This one I sell only as a 11"x17" glossy.

Living Angel

Joker Tatoo

This is a tatoo I did for a friend. He still hasn't gotten the tatoo. The image above is the line art or transfer art.

This is my entry for Keenlace.
Faith in her undies

This is my second Keenlace entry.

She hasn't appeared in the comic yet so her appearance is subject to change without warning.

And my third Keenlace entry. I'm particularly proud of how this one came out. It's good for any color background page.

Faith at the Beach

And that's a good 600 to 800 pounds of whale she's carrying. So yeah that's a baby pilot whale. They've been in the news recently. If it were any bigger she'd probably have to fireman's carry it, so for now she can't even hope to carry and adult.

This is a small 8.5 x 10 inch piece I sell for ten dollars.  No special significance, I did it at the request of one of my mother's friends and decided to scan it.


Portrait of Faith sneering.


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